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Juice It, All of It

I’m a big proponent of cleansing. Vegan, raw food, juice cleanses, coconut water…maybe I’m just a fan of food fads but regardless if you stick to the healthy ones it will have a positive impact. These cleanses are a physical and mental reset, plus a challenge is good for you. Put down the burrito! Lay off the wine! You’ll feel freakin’ amazing and you’ll tred lightly before jumping on binge train next time it comes around. My current favorite cleanse is the juice cleanse, though important to call out the correct kind of juice cleanse. There are no supplements or weird teas masking as nutrition *ahem Master Cleanse cough*. A proper juice cleanse will provide sufficient nutrition and calories for each day. I use Blue Print Cleanse, based in New York, which provides six bottled juices a day for however many days you choose. I usually just do three, that’s plenty.

Tips and Tricks From Successful and Failed Attempts

I’ve picked up a few tips during my cleansing career, here are the top ones:

  • If you’re a meat-eating, heavy carbo loading, coffee-drinking fool, you better prep for a full week. Prep means cut calories, meat, alcohol and caffeine
  • Drink plenty of water with your juices. You will have to pee every 30 minutes so plan for it
  • Hot Tea in between juices is a life saver. Have a box of *caffeinated* green tea set aside for the cleanse days
  • Hunger pains are false alarms, you’re getting the nutrition you need. Talk a walk, drink some tea, write a blog post
  • Find something for yourself to do if you’re not in the office: tea with friends, clean your room, go for a long walk
  • You will need to go to bed around 10pm for multiple reasons, plan for that too

What’s the Point

I look at cleansing as hitting the reset button - reboot your relationship with food. It allows you to detox for a few days, forces you to rest, stay sober and gives you perspective on the nutrients your body needs, not just wants. You will eat better after a cleanse, you will drink less coffee and less booze. Well, at least until the next party shows up on your calendar. If you’re looking for instant skinny, this is not it. You’ll gain back the water weight in a day and feel failed. Cleansing is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice that positively influences your choices about what you put in your body.

There’s never a good time to plan a cleanse, life continues to go on while you have to take a break but it’s worth it.

I’ve been a fan of Blue Print Cleanse for years, but there are other companies that offer different types of cleanses. Check out local SF Can Can Cleanse and Juicey Lucy’s. Do you research and do what’s best for you.