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My Year for Underachieving: Why I Have No Goals in 2015

Ok, I admit, the title is a little misleading. But at the end of last year I felt like I couldn’t have one more goal, I couldn’t deal with one more achievement to strive for. I had burned myself out. It felt good to say “I have no goals in 2015 other than to just be.” In 2014 I did not have time for friends, family, or myself. I had such little flexibility to let days, evenings, and weekends take me wherever they led.  And you know what? That sucks.

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A Move Closer to Social Impact: My New Role at HandUp

My last three years have been focused on Community at Twilio, growing our community from 50,000 to over 300,000 developers, expanding the team, and ensuring our community strategy scaled as the company grew from startup to grown up.  One of the programs that fell under my wing was the launch and development of, a program for nonprofits using communications technologies to amplify their impact. 

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