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What Community Managers Should Do Every Morning for Success

I recently caught this post on Fast Company called "What Successful People do the First Hour of Their Work Day" - great advice in there. I felt inspired to write something on how you can make the most of each day as a Community Manager, based on my personal experiences. Some might not exactly be "morning only" tips but they are relevant and important. Here are some ways I kickstart my day for optimal success:

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Community Manager Productivity: Reviving Your Inbox & Evernote Success at Work

Last Tuesday was the first SF Community Manager Meetup of 2013 and we focused this session on productivity. For community managers, one major challenge is finding that balance between daily tasks and time for strategic planning. One area where I'd like to improve upon is bringing more productivity into my daily tasks, which include email and content production. Luckily, I invited Aye Moah, Head of Product, Baydin and Joshua ZerkelEvernote Ambassador, to teach the group some tips and tricks on how to do just that.

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The Fully Accessible Life of Convenience

The trend of startups providing services to make your life more efficient and convenient is more than just nice, it's something I can't imagine living without. Free time is valuable and becoming more rare every passing day. I will gladly pay to steal some of that time back. Luckily with all these startups, I don't have to pay that much to make a huge impact in my daily life. Here's a few of my favorites:

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Hey Companies! What Not to Do When You Discontinue a Feature

It's a casualty of technology, especially being an early adopter. Investing your time and energy into new products is risky. You may get your friends to adopt and even your parents to be interested, spending meticulous time getting your new profile set up. But alas, sometimes you will lose the features you love or worst case, the company has to pivot to something completely new leaving you, the user, left holding the bag.

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