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Community Manager Productivity: Reviving Your Inbox & Evernote Success at Work



Last Tuesday was the first SF Community Manager Meetup of 2013 and we focused this session on productivity. For community managers, one major challenge is finding that balance between daily tasks and time for strategic planning. One area where I'd like to improve upon is bringing more productivity into my daily tasks, which include email and content production. Luckily, I invited Aye Moah, Head of Product, Baydin and Joshua ZerkelEvernote Ambassador, to teach the group some tips and tricks on how to do just that.

Moah gave us stellar tips and tricks on finding success in your inbox and Joshua taught us the best way to organize your work life with Evernote.

Here are few highlights from these productivity thought leaders:

Inbox Productivity:

  • Archive everything over a month old - you won't get to it anyways
  • Make subjects searchable for YOU - be selfish so you can find it later
  • To increase response rate, summarize what you need in the first sentence
  • When asking for something, try to send when the recipient's blood sugar is high (right after lunch!)
  • Use Boomerang by Baydin to keep your inbox actionable, send reminders and find "Inbox Few"

For more inbox tips make sure to follow Moah on Twitter @AyeMoah and download Boomerang for ample productivity.

Using Evernote for Work:

  • Evernote is a perfect tool for creating and capturing content
  • Create a notebook for your eBooks, whitepapers and PDFs - drag and drop, read later
  • Use tags for serious search power - Evernote can even search scanned articles
  • Set up a recipe with Zapier to send Twitter mentions to Evernote
  • Be clear on how you want to use Evernote and be strategic about your notes

Joshua just released an eBook about using Evernote at work - make sure to check out and follow him @JoshuaZerkel

It was extremely educational and I walked away with items I know I'll use in my day-to-day. Make sure to join the SF Community Manager Meetup for news on upcoming events: